traditional glam


Traditional Makeup Application:


Full face glam with strip lashes



My kit includes a professional Makeup chair and a Ring-light

Travel Fees:

Travel fees are calculated based on location and are not included in service pricing.



Bridal Makeup Application:
(includes strip lashes)


Bridal Party Makeup (includes strip lashes)


Bridal Trial Makeup 

 (includes strip lashes)



Consultations include the client and myself discussing makeup looks they envision for their wedding day while I give my suggestions and expertise for what will make you look your best!


$150.00/2+ Hours


Private Lessons: 

Lessons are tailored towards your specific needs. For Beginners: I will personally travel with you to a Makeup store of your choosing and help you pick out the products that will work best for you! After, we will go back to my studio and use the products purchased so you'll learn a daily routine!

$300.00/3 Hours

JAYGLAM With a Twist

Bring up to 5 girls and learn how to apply your makeup like a professional! We'll start off the lesson with a Champagne toast, get you situated at your station and start. First hour will be me applying makeup on a model and last two will be you applying your own makeup with my guidance. My brushes and makeup will be available for use as well!


about me.

Hello Glammies! 

​Thank you so much for taking time out to visit my site and getting to know me. I am a self-taught professional Makeup Artist in the Central Florida area (recently moved from New Jersey!). I have been working professionally for the past five years and I have to say I absolutely LOVE what I do!

Makeup has always been a passion of mine ever since I was a little girl when I would sneak into my mom's makeup bag and steal her lipsticks. I believe makeup is art - being able to translate what my client's vision is onto their faces takes talent and patience. As your artist, you can be sure that I will listen to your needs and bring your makeup vision to life!





Tel: 609-805-3089

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